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Log of contributions that Dilygent has given to Libre Software:

  • Drupal

    • Null Mailer

      • 2014-07-25 Start implementation for Drupal 8.x [1] [2]
    • Menu Token

    • Drupal Commerce

      • 2012-11-14 Sent patch at #1421832 to Commerce Card on File: add option to let users choose their default payment method
  • Community Events

  • Misc

    • 2013-03-02 Post anonymously: Improve implementation to handle nodes authorship [1]
    • 2012-10-03 Guzzle Oauth Plugin: Polish and Fix Nonce To Be Unique
    • 2012-09-23 Sent patch at #1792556 to Services module: add hook_services_authentication_info_alter()
    • 2012-07-16 Sent patches for date module to fix critical bug #1355256
    • 2012-07-14 Started to sponsor the development of modules Null mailer and LGP
    • 2012-07-06 Donated hosting for domain and sub-domains at http://dlatina.ga
    • 2012-06-28 Fine tuned content of "¿Qué és Drupal?" page, a translation of "What is Drupal?"

"FOSS Give" is derived from the "/drupalgive" innitiative.